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Hello World - It's K1J0

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Seems like I got to this forum early right?

Just wanted to introduce myself to the members and staff around here, I'm K1. I live in the UK and much like you I love making a pretty penny here and there :) 

I've hustled many a product but nothing beats good old ewhoring, never gets old. By the basics I am just a normal young guy with huge aspirations to do bigger things in life, I like cash and I like the idea of living with less stress... lol, don't we all.

By profession I am basically the the dad of the 'turn it off and on again' guy (I used to be the on and off guy...), I just do it with bigger machines now ;) all jokes aside, I'm pretty handy with tech in general but do not specialise in one particular field. Just for the sake of a random list; I've got some experience with cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, GCP, I know basic HTML/CSS and Python, I have some experience with website administration/maintenance, Photoshop and other picture/video editors and my SE, ewhoring skills are fairly decent but they could do with a sharpening these days.

I came across this forum by accident but I really like the look of it and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna stick around to see what knowledge I can bring here, I hope to see many more of you soon! Let's break bread together!

Seize the day people!


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